Tanzila Khan

Founder & CEO
Tanzila Khan is an entrepreneur, activist and travel blogger from Pakistan. She advocates for disability rights through lobbying, writing and engaging media. Her entrepreneurial ventures include Woopie Town, a board game to educate players on disability and Girlythings.pk, a menstrual healthcare startup in Pakistan. She wrote her first book, ‘A story of Mexico’ when she was just 16 and then went on to publish her second book, ‘The Perfect Situation’. She has sold her books to fund community projects in the fields of disability, women empowerment, education, and the environment. Her NGO is Creative Alley that helps youth learn lifeskills through theatre and storytelling. She also ventured into Film making and acting to project disability through a heart-warming short film called FruitChaat. She has launched Pakistan´s first fully accessible podcast by the name, ´Brain Masala´ under her banner, Iwish. Tanzila Khan recently won the Amal Clooney Women’s Empowerment Award by King Charles in London in May 2022 for her services. She frequently travels to places and writes and also completed her Masters in Entrepreneurship from Uppsala University, Sweden in 2022. 

Karma Fitzgerald

Outreach and Partnerships

Karma is a Boise, Idaho-based grant writer and consultant specializing in rural communities. From programming at youth centers to creating smooth pathways to transportation, and beyond, her work has consistently increased financial grants, donations, and awareness for the issues she is passionate about.

Jackal Tanelorn

Game Facilitator and Advisor

Jackal is a transman who grew up in the Los Angeles area. Jackal is a passionate diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging advocate and identifies as a white, working class and queer. He loves karaoke and currently lives with his two dogs and two cats. Jackal is excited to be part of the Whoopie Town game development team with Tanzila Khan.