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WOOPIE TOWN™ is a board game that sensitizes players about people with disabilities through a gamified model. We all experience disability and we all want to have some fun! The board game has challenges based on disability and accountability

in the real world and it’s about helping players ensure accessibility in fact helps businesses in real world and not just look at disability from a charity point of view!

Founder's Story

Tanzila is a disability rights activist and entrepreneur from Pakistan. She has been an accessibility expert for the travel industry for more than a decade now helping spaces and businesses become more accessible and engage markets through inclusion.


A crucial step in understanding disability is the sensitization and that is how the board game happened! The inspiration came from the idea of not just talking about disability but getting into the shoes of lived experiences and understand benefits and opportunities along with challenges and consequences of the world not being accessible – And all this happening right on your table top with your favorite people!


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